Our top-of-the-line procedure for data security.

ISO Certified E-waste Management

Zolo Protect™

Our mission is to set the benchmark in data security, utilising our ISO-accredited processes as the backbone of our commitment. With a meticulous dedication to rigor and precision, we adhere to the international standards of security practices.
We don't just safeguard data; we safeguard trust, we safeguard dreams, and we safeguard the future - because at Zolo, your security is our mission.

Secure collection & transporation

  • Controlled by a dedicated Zolo staff, dispatching secure transport methods to help safely move your devices from point A to B.
  • Our vehicle is equipped with a tracking device in acordance with ISO 27001 to ensure secure handling of e-waste and assets.
  • Using sealed and locked containers and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access.

Inventory & Asset management

  • Recording incoming assets (including make, model and serial numbers) for compliance and transparency.
  • Integrating our asset tracking system to track assets throughout the recycling process.

Secure storage and processing.

  • Maintaining a dedicated storage facility with access control systems, designed to protect devices containing sensitive information.
  • Implementing technical controls to safeguard any sensitive data stored within the company's systems, such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.

Data Destruction

  • Employing an approved and effective method for data destruction, taking into consideration the type of media involved.
  • Using Blancco for secure data erasure and shredding or pulverising for hard-drives and storage devices.

Compliance and Monitoring

  • Providing certificates and reports as a standar to verify destruction of data.
  • Ensuring that all data destruction activities align with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to data protection, privacy, and environmental requirements.

Us vs our competitors

Here’s how we compare to other ITAD and E-waste recycling companies.
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Secure Data destruction
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Secure data destruction
Join a purpose-led community