Our Recycling Process

ZOLO operates on a circular economy model where we maximize the lifecycle of technology. Good for people. Good for Planet.

How it works

We recycle your old tech and e-waste, wipe data
securely and keep e-waste from landfill.

Giving old tech new life

Recovering valuable parts from old tech and using them to create new, innovative commodities. By doing so, we're not only reducing e-waste but also creating exciting new possibilities for technology.


Wiping data securely

Using Blancco for 99% data destruction and providing certificates and reporting as a standard.


Putting tech back in circulation

Providing small businesses and non-profit organisations with accessible and affordable options to pursue their goals and make a positive impact on the world without breaking bank.


Creating impact and more

As part of our social impact promise, we donate 20 devices per month to communities in need. Our aim is to help bridge the digital divide by unlocking access to technology.

Clear is the New Green.
Our Sustainability Plan.

We are fiercely committed to creating a truly sustainable future, grounded in our unwavering belief in ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability. We are taking a stand against greenwashing, cultivating an environment where honesty and credibility in environmental claims are the norm, not the exception.
We are doing our bit by aiming for carbon neutrality in everything we do, while encouraging everyone to follow suit. We are not just looking to reduce our footprint, but also to actively help restore and protect the beautiful world we share.
Our core is transparency. We are all about revealing our practices and progress towards sustainability. We think it's important for building trust, and to guide anyone who wants to join us in making a difference.
We aspire to inspire change, not just within our organization, but within our industry and our global community. Together, we can ensure a better, healthier planet for generations to come.

The Sustainability Plan at a Glance

The Zolo Environmental Sustainability Plan 2022-2023 (ESP) outlines a roadmap towards best practices in environmental sustainability in the Peak Body and Outdoor Media sectors (respectively). It defines commitments, targets and activities across 10 key focus areas, each supporting specific themes of the company's sustainability strategy and the UN SDGs.

The ESP targets the following
outcomes by 2024

Climate Action

Set a pathway to net zero emissions in line with 1.5 C global warming limit

Energy Efficiency

Transition 100% of energy to renewable sources


Increase staff, community and client engagement in environmental sustainability

Waste and Recycling

Map & Report on the Benefits of Zolo’s service to clients

Travel and Transport

Offset Freight & Courier by 100%

Goods and Services

Align procurement processes with ISO 20400

SDGs that align with Zolo

Here are a few SDGs that resonate with Zolo's mission.
What we do
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Zolo’s approach to understanding clients’ requirements can contribute to creating more productive and comfortable workspaces.
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation
Zolo’s services support this goal by providing enterprises, startups, and managed service providers with the infrastructure and innovation needed to manage their tech waste effectively.
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
By recycling and repurposing electronic devices, Zolo helps prevent hazardous materials from entering landfills, reducing pollution and promoting a healthier environment for urban dwellers.
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation
Zolo contributions to this goal by managing end-of-life tech and e-waste responsibly. By recycling and reusing electronic devices. Zolo, helps reduce the environmental impact of electric waste and promotes a more sustainable approachable to consumption and production.
Empowering you to be a force for good
Zolo’s focus on sustainable tech recycling directly contributes to climate action. By diverting electronic waste from landfills, Zolo helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserves valuable resources. This aligns with the global effort to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future.

For Enterprise

Helping bring IT and Sustainability teams closer together. Zolo is like an extension of your team, working alongside you to achieve your goals. Think of us as your friendly IT and Sustainability wingman - we've got your back!
For IT
Don’t sweat the old stuff and focus on what matters
  • Leave tech recycling to us, freeing you from downtime and security worries so you can focus on your core tasks and maintain a productive workforce.
  • Simplify the recycling process and make a positive impact with our help.
For sustainability
Your sustainability consultant… without breaking bank.
  • Let's tell your sustainability story together. We'll help you create an impact-driven narrative that aligns with your values and net zero initiatives.
  • Show your stakeholders the positive impact you're making on the planet with our help.
The collaboration between Bank Australia and Zolo is a true testament to the power of purpose-driven partnerships. It's a prime example of how two purpose-led brands can come together to make a positive impact on the environment while also driving good business outcomes.

For Managed Service Providers

Think of ZOLO as a Swiss-army knife extension of your company. Forming a strategic alliance that will elevate your position in an already busy market. Our impact-driven and purpose-led proposition will help you stand out and make a positive impact.

Stand out from the crowd. Win New businesses.

Attract a growing demographic of consumers and set yourself apart from competitors with our sustainability services. This will not only bolster your reputation, but also result in increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Save time. Boost productivity

Save valuable time and boost your team's productivity. By entrusting the e-waste management to Zolo, you and your team can focus on core tasks and keep your operations running smoothly.

Generate more sources of revenue

Designed to help you both make money and save money. We'll help you recover value from your client’s old devices while also reducing disposal costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Champion Sustainable IT procurement

Partnering with a sustainable company can mitigate environmental and social risks, providing peace of mind to your clients.

Us vs our competitors

Here’s how we compare to other ITAD and E-waste recycling companies.
Carbon Neutral Tech Recycling
Improving sustainability
Not disrupting IT productivity
Strategic marketing campaign and collaboration
Empowering you to be a force for good
Secure Data destruction
Join a purpose-led community
Dedicated to helping your MSP secure more clients
Carbon neutral tech recycling
Empowering you as a thought leader in Sustainable IT Procurement
A Swiss Army knife extension of your MSP
Strategic Marketing, Sales and Events Support
Secure data destruction
Join a purpose-led community