Zolo Single Touch

Simplifying E-waste Management

Revolutionising the way your IT teams handle e-waste. Experience the simplicity of recycling electronics with a single click - all you need to do is upload your inventory list, and we’ll handle the rest.
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Visualise Your Impact

Translating your recycling efforts into tangible impacts. See the total e-waste diverted from landfills

Single Touch Recycling

With Zolo Single Touch, recycling is as easy as clicking a button. Upload your e-waste inventory and let us handle the complex processes. Your IT team can focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest.

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Full-Scale Tracking Conforming to ISO Regulations

Keep track of all stages in the recycling process, from collection and data erasure to issuance of certificates. Our transparent process ensures your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the data on our old equipment is securely destroyed?
What types of tech equipment are eligible for rebates?
How does our circular approach benefit the environment?
Why Zolo?

The Most Convenient.
The Most Secure.
The Most Sustainable.

Hassle Free For IT Teams.

Handling e-waste management so you can get back to what really matters. We’ll collect, securely erase data and provide corresponding certificates.

Zolo has made the disposing of our legacy hardware the easiest process we have come across. This innovative solution was super simple and directly aligns with our sustainability values.

Steven Lieu
IT Manager, BizCover

Our partnership with Zolo came at the opportune time. Our company is going through rapid scale and we always had challenges with understanding how we can continue to create a cycle of positive change with our old technology. Traditionally, we used to try and sell old devices or give them to staff. However, Zolo presented a way for us to actually give back to the community and allow us to continue the cycle of positive change.

Cameron Gomes
Head of Operations, MindArc

Achieve Your Green Goals

Reducing your scope 3 emissions through our circular tech recycling process. Helping with your Net Zero targets.

Safeguard Your Data

Deploying military-grade and ISO-acreditted data erasure practices to comply with your security requirements.

I recently met with Franz, CEO at Zolo. I was drawn to his passion for sustainability and e-waste recycling, but what really stood out is the attention to detail around data security. Highly impressed with how Zolo handled data destruction for our old assets

Christian Neale
Head of IT, Taylor

Zolo is a game-changer in e-waste recycling. Professional, efficient, and environmentally responsible. A standout feature was their rebate program for our old technology. Zolo provided a hassle-free, rewarding recycling experience - highly recommended.

Ben Horn
Manager Information & Digital Transformation,
Woollahra Municipal Council

Earn Rebates

Maximising your IT ROI - freeing up funds to re-invest in newer technology.